Plancher SMNR


Floor sanding and refinishing

Floor sanding

Why invest in a new floor when our experts can give it back its former lustre with a good sanding?

We sand all wood floors, including soft species such as pine and larch. However, harder and more resistant hardwood can easily withstand several sandings.

To better serve you, we offer two types of sanding. Conventional sanding and dust-free sanding.

Yes, dust-free floor sanding is possible! Nowadays, there are sanding techniques and equipment that remove dust at the source! Our experts use powerful high performance vacuums with Hepa filters that capture and hold up to 99.8% of the dust.

Whether to restore your floor’s lustre or to change the dye’s colour, Plancher SMNR’s experts ensure that you always get highly professional work, from sanding to staining. We only use the best professional products, that meet the new environmental standards such as ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2004.

Satin, semi-glossy or glossy finish? Whatever you prefer! You can even change the colour.

Our experts will help you choose colours and finishes. We offer a wide range to choose from. You will really feel like you have a new floor!

Refinishing your hardwood floor

A wooden floor has more than one life. Our refinishing process allows giving a second life to your floor by removing surface scratches to restore its original lustre. This sanding-free process is done in a single day and produces no dust.

For your comfort, and to protect your health and the environment, we only use environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odourless products. We use high-end Loba brand finishing products, guaranteed to be non-yellowing, scratch resistant and low in volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Oiled or varnished floor?

It's up to you, depending on your taste, budget and usage.

For example, varnish is great for a floor with heavy traffic (entrance, kitchen, etc.) and that can get wet.

On the other hand, oil’s matte finish adds a rustic and warm look. Also, the refinishing of an oiled floor requires no sanding. Re-oiling should be done more often, according to the wood’s hardness.

You prefer varnish? We offer three levels of lustre, to meet your taste.

Vernis Loba OptiFinish (Bon)

Loba OptiFinish finish (Good)

Recommended for rooms with normal traffic

  • Water-based varnish, good wear resistance
  • No mixing, no loss
  • Easy to apply, demarcation-free
  • Does not yellow
  • Dries quickly


Certification A+

Vernis Loba WS EasyFinish (Meilleur)

Loba WS EasyFinish finish (Best)

Very resistant, ideal for residential or light-traffic commercial areas

  • Water-based, non-yellowing varnish
  • Polyurethane-acrylate resin, very robust
  • Satin, semi-gloss, gloss finish
  • 3.78 litre containers
  • Easy to apply, odourless
  • Excellent levelling power offering a smooth, demarcation-free finish
  • Hardens faster than most water-based varnishes


GEV-Emicode EC1Connected SystemsDIBt – 'national technical approval'Air qualité sealUS Green Building Council Member

Vernis Loba 2K Supra AT (Supérieur)

Loba 2K Supra AT finish (Superior)

Heavy traffic, commercial areas. Ideal for wood floors and the refinishing of in-plant UV treated or cork surfaces, along with WS 2 K contact cement.

  • Water-based polyurethane varnish designed for heavy traffic areas
  • Hyper-resistant
  • Easy to apply, foam and demarcation-free
  • Does not yellow


GEV-Emicode EC1Connected SystemsDIBt – 'national technical approval'Certification A+

Vernis Loba 2K Invisible Protect AT

Loba 2K Invisible Protect AT finish

Designed for areas with particularly heavy traffic. Keeps the texture and natural feel of untreated wood. Although extremely scratch-resistant, the layer is practically invisible, thanks to its high-end compounds. This finish offers high resistance to chemicals and abrasion.

  • Keeps the texture and natural feel of untreated wood
  • Easy to apply, two coats, no primer
  • Highly non-slip
  • Polish free
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Maintained like a varnished surface
  • No opaqueness which could hide the wood’s original colour


DIBt – 'national technical approval'GEV-Emicode EC1Connected SystemsCertification A+